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About Me


I specialise in Magento development, this is backed up with skills including PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, and ZEND. I now find myself consulting on a lot of websites, from suggesting and implementing performance increases, the user interface design and performing conversion rate optimisation.


I picked up most of my knowledge by working on sites, wether it be for clients or for personal projects but I have also done a degree in BSc Computing at Leeds Metropolitan University.

What I've done

I have worked on many websites in many different situations, I have worked freelance, for an agency, and currently I work direct for the end user. I mainly work on Magento sites but also have knowledge in Wordpress, Codeigniter, custom CMS' and bespoke platforms.

This site

It would be wrong if a web developer didn't have a website so here is a small showcase of work and skills, if you think I can help you out please get in touch. Alternatively please read my blog

Will Wright Web Design


Magento Development

Im experienced in everything from a full build from scratch, a redesign, additional functionality, even bug fixing, and upgrading to the latest versions across both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Magento Optimisation

You might think your website is making you lots of money, but is it the best it could be? There is lots to think about at this stage, conversion rate optimisation, user experience, website speed, customer retention.

Magento Marketing

Have you got a great looking, fully functioning website but hardly any visitors? I've heard it time and time again "I've spent £X on a new website but I've had no sales" Get in touch to start driving traffic to your website.

Magento Hosting

A lot of people overlook how important this is, 40% of people abandon there shopping if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load! I can advise on the best practice and provide for Magento specific hosting.

Will Wright Web Design
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Email: hello@willwrightwebdesign.co.uk